NEW FOR 2021 - Christmas Robin (Pack of 10 Cards)

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Christmas Robin by Owen Williams

  • Product code: CA0103
  • Card size: 176mm x 125mm
  • Note: Includes 10 Envelopes
  • Inside Writing: "With Best Wishes for Christmas and the New Year"

Owen Williams says: "I am one of those lucky people who has been fortunate to be able to pursue my passion for wildlife and painting in order to make a living. It's often said that painting is a relaxing activity, but through my 30 years as a professional artist there have been very few relaxing moment, unless I have fallen asleep before my easel. This is because to effectively communicate atmosphere and detail through the medium of watercolour requires perseverance and constant concentration. As a self taught artist every painting is a fresh lesson in the medium, often paintings fail and the only answer is to tear them up and start again. Many might regard this as a disaster, however there is nothing more exciting than a fresh piece of paper and the time to start again.

"My passion for painting sporting pictures come from a childhood of fishing and shooting. These were activities that many country lads became absorbed in once they were of an age to be trusted to stray more than a few fields away from the home and venture to meadow, moorland, lake and stream.To learn more please visit his website here."