Boxing Day Box (Pack of 10 Cards)

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Product Code: CA0049

Card Size: 155x155mm

Note: Includes 10 Envelopes

Inside Writing: "With Best Wishes for Christmas and the New Year"


Artist Milo Browne favours dogs and horses as subject matter, but he is keen to develop his work and would love to do more British and African wildlife. His style has been developed over the years by studying other artists that he admired, such as Mary Browning, Lucy Milne and Charles Church. Something that sets Milo apart from many artists is the fact that he is colourblind, which he says: “can sometimes be frustrating, but I have come to see it as a strength. I see colour and tone in a unique way. I try to marry contemporary realism with traditional influences and style in my work.” Milo favours charcoal and pastels as his mediums.