Catherine Ingleby


Catherine was born onto a farm in Southern highlands of Scotland, but chunks of her childhood were spent living on a boat as her parents sailed, initially to America, and then a few years later to New Zealand with herself, and her three siblings. She believes this unconventional start has given her the confidence to pursue the career of an artist, and the courage to stick at it through the more challenging periods.

Catherine initially did an art foundation year in Paris, with every intention to go onto art school, but could not find a school in the UK that offered any sort of structured curriculum in teaching draughtsmanship. She took up a place at Durham University, and did a BaHons in Philosophy and Classics. She rowed there, competing internationally, and was President of the Art club.

Catherine heard of an atelier in Florence, Italy that taught traditional, classical art, draughtsmanship in the way of the Old Masters, and after graduation studied there for nearly two years, remaining in Italy for several more.

Catherine worked as a portrait artist initially but soon returned to her preferred subject of animals. She has become recognised for her dynamic paintings of animals in movement, with bold use of colour and confident brushwork.  She has had the opportunity to work on commissions worldwide, and exhibits widely throughout the UK, and in the States.

To see more of Catherine’s work visit her website